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Jermula Wilderness Cabin

Jermula Wilderness Cabin
€65.00 / d


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The cottage is ascetic, with no electricity or running water, and no other modern amenities. There is a well in the yard, the water from which is tested annually. For safety, we recommend boiling drinking and household water.


There are four beds, bunk beds with mattresses and pillows, but floor space is available for more than one sleeper. Additional duvets and blankets are provided by the tenant. Gas for the gas stove is included in the rent and firewood is available in the woodshed. There is a basic mixed crockery, plates, cups, a few pots and pans etc.

The cabin has a spacious sauna with dressing rooms, and a dock by the pond. There is also a terrace in front of the building with a table and benches. There is a locked garbage shed on the premises.

The Salpa Line hiking trail runs in the immediate vicinity of the cabin, and there is a public summerhouse and fireplace in the yard.


The principle is that everyone cleans up their own mess, i.e. the cabin and sauna are cleaned on departure, the rent does not include the final cleaning. It is not advisable to wash up or do the dishes on or near the well, these should be done away from the well.

Price and booking period

Rent 65 €/day. In the immediate vicinity of the cabin there is also a cosy cabin for about 20 persons, which can be rented together or separately with Jermula for 40 €/day. The rental period is from 14:00 on the day of arrival to 12:00 on the day of departure. The cabin is available from spring to autumn, not for winter use.


The keys to the property can be obtained from the on-site key box, where a PIN code will be emailed to you before the booking starts.