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Sauna Lodge in Lake Syväjärvi

Sauna Lodge in Lake Syväjärvi
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Sauna and Private Beach

The Sauna Lodge (Saunapirtti) is a spacious, sturdy log villa, on the shores of beautiful Lake Syväjärvi. The villa has a single loft sleeping 11 people, 9 beds and a sofa bed. The property is equipped with an air-source heat pump, to increase the comfort of the residents.

Lapjärvi offers many possibilities for nature and outdoor activities

Saunapirtti is a good holiday destination for those who enjoy sports. It is surrounded by excellent opportunities for nature and outdoor activities, as well as a child-friendly beach. In the yard there is a sandy field (30 m x 50 m) with football goals and a volleyball/badminton court. There is a 1 km long illuminated fitness/skiing track from the courtyard and a shed nearby. When snow conditions permit, the illuminated ski slope provides access to a signposted 15-25 km skiing tracks.

The sauna lodge is also suitable for a wide range of events, such as family celebrations or meetings. Guests bring their own bed linen, or alternatively hire it when booking.


24.1.-28.5.2023, 120 €/night, for bookings of 6-12 nights the price per day is 100 €.

28.5.-3.9.2023 150 €/day, for bookings of 6-12 nights the daily rate is 125 €

3.9.-17.12.2023 120 €/day, for bookings of 6-12 nights the daily rate is 100 €

17.12.2023-14.1.2024, 150 €/day, for bookings of 6-12 nights the daily rate is 125 €

Keys and booking period

The key is in the key box at the villa at the beginning of the rental period. When you leave, the key must be returned to the key box. The PIN-code of the key box will be sent to the customer by e-mail. The booking starts at 14:00 on the day of arrival and ends at 12:00 on the day of departure.


The cottage is cleaned by the tenant. The cleaning includes taking away the rubbish, bottles and your own food or taking it to the waste disposal point. In addition, the floors must be vacuumed and wiped clean of visible dirt, dishes washed in the dishwasher and put away, and tables and surfaces wiped. The toilet must be cleaned (toilet and sink) and the sauna/laundry rooms cleaned (rubbish removed, floors washed). In addition, the beds will be made up and the outside courtyard and barbecue area will be cleaned. If the cleaning has to be done by the municipality, it will be charged at the price of the final cleaning.

However, if the final cleaning is purchased as a service, the cleaning of the cottage can be left to the cleaner. However, the final cleaning does not include washing dishes, putting away dishes and goods, furniture or taking out the rubbish. The customer must also take away empty bottles, cans and cutlery.

Bringing your own portable firewood to the cottage: the firewood in the cottage cannot be used to heat the firewood because there is insufficient wood.

For more information please contact: Miehikkälä municipality technical office on-call, tel. +358 400 346 552.