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e-Fatbikes for More Days

e-Fatbikes for More Days
From €95.00 / d
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Rent e-bike

You can rent e-fatbike bikes from the Salpa Line Museum. The Tunturi Tribe bike is equipped with a powerful Shimano Steps E7000 / 60Nm electric motor, which keeps the torque light even on big hills. For more information, click on this link: https://efatbike.fi/e-fatbike-tunturi-tribe/

The Fatbike's electric motor only assists during pedalling, so you have to pedal if you want to go forward. The bike's electric assist can be adjusted to three different power levels, or you can choose not to use it at all. Whether or not you get sweaty while cycling is up to you. Fatbike is suitable for almost any conditions, whether off-road or on snow. A total of 4 bikes are available for hire. Helmets are included in the rental price.

Rental period and price:

1 day, 95 €/ 1 bike.

2 days, €140/ 1 bike

3 days, €210/ 1 bike

Book and pay for your bike rental online. The bikes you have booked will be available at the Salpa Line Museum and will be returned to the same place. Daily rentals start and end at 10 am. Please arrange separately for different times. You will be asked to show your ID at the time of rental. Children under 15 years of age must be accompanied by a parent.

For more information about the rental, please contact the museum staff either by phone 044 383 5091 or by e-mail salpamuseo@miehikkala.fi

Location: Salpa Line Museum, Säästöpirtintie 70, Miehikkälä